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Students’ Testimonials:

Read what our past and present students say about studying in Irwin’s Study!


“The GP lessons at Irwin’s Study are conducted in a very interactive way where students can participate in an open environment without fear of being ridiculed. Mr Irwin is very friendly, has strategic trains of thought and is especially competent in using questioning techniques to stimulate deeper thought within each of his students. Overall, GP tuition at Irwin’s Study has not only been fruitful for me, but an event I look forward to each week!”

– Khoo Jie Xiong, Raffles Institution JC


“I first found out about Irwin’s Study from a website. To my surprise, I realized that GP tuition at Irwin’s Study is an amazing experience! The centre is very likeable due to its homely decorations. Every session at Irwin’s Study is very productive thanks to Mr Irwin. Irwin’s Study is especially good for students who find it hard to cope at school. It is really a life-saver!”

– Chew See Hui, Tampines JC


“GP lessons at Irwin’s Study are very engaging and never a chore. More importantly, they equip one with the skills needed to tackle the extremely difficult paper. Since attending Irwin’s Study, I have seen significant improvements in my GP marks and would highly encourage anyone who is seeking to salvage their GP grades to hesitate no longer and approach Irwin’s Study!”

– Rachel Er, Temasek JC (Integrated Programme)

“Mr Irwin’s GP tuition lessons are amazing! Although I have only attended a few lessons here, I have benefitted quite a lot within this short period of time. Mr Irwin’s explanations are very clear and a lot of my doubts are cleared. Would I recommend others to join Irwin’s Study? Definitely!”

– Ahmad Farid, Serangoon JC


“Mr Irwin is not only very qualified to teach, he is also very knowledgeable. He often engages the class in discussions and encourages every student to speak up during lessons. On top of that, the way he delivers his lessons is very different and interesting, unlike the usual classroom experience.”

– Gan Jiahao, Victoria JC


“After attending a few lessons, I found that the GP lessons are really interactive and engaging! The lessons that I have attended taught me the fundamentals of GP and how to tackle each segment of Paper 1 and Paper 2. The tuition is beneficial as I find it easier now to tackle the questions for GP.”

– Yap Yiying, Meridian JC

“The ability of the tutor to capture the essence of question requirements and formulate accurate answers to impart to students has equipped me with the ability to think in a versatile manner. Mr Irwin’s approach to making learning GP effortless is the mark of an ace teacher – a rare individual amongst the pool of teachers in Singapore!”

– Nur Liyana Firdaus Bte Adam, Yishun JC


“Mr Irwin is a knowledgeable and engaging tutor who always manages to keep the class lively; there is never a dull moment in class. He also interacts with us on a personal level, enquiring about our studies in general, and his care and concern are attributes that not many tutors have.”

– Lim Wan Ting, Dunman High (Integrated Programme)


“Mr Irwin’s fiery passion and and deep interest in education has made him what I call a modern-day polymath – a very rare individual who is well-versed with knowledge ranging from the humanities to math to the sciences. His sensitivity and appreciation of the world’s arts and cultures has allowed him to approach GP with the much needed nuance that most teachers I encounter lack. His insightfulness has made lessons much more value-added and free from the chains of repetition and mediocrity. Above all, his professionalism and clever genius are marked by his genuinely affable personality that resonates both within his public and private spheres. In every lesson, his unique approach towards the facilitated mastery of subject content helps us appreciate and understand the complexities of various topics.”

– Clarence Lee, Temasek JC

“I’ve always thought that GP lessons were boring and a waste of my time, but the tutor made GP come alive! The incorporation of fun facts and practical techniques to handle both papers got my attention instantly. I recommend this course to all who feel that GP is a bane of your college life.”

– Amanda Lee, Innova JC


“Irwin’s Study adopts a refreshing approach towards the teaching of GP. Students are trained in the content in the various topics as well as in the mastery of the English language through writing and comprehension skills. The tutor is engaging and able to make GP look easy. After attending lessons here, I have become more confident of the subject and do not panic when attempting GP essays or comprehensions anymore.”

– Pang Yi Wen, Raffles Institution (JC)

“In my short time here, GP lessons have been very engaging and useful. I can safely say that I have learnt a lot so far. Definitely recommended!”

– Nawawi, Private Candidate


“Though I have only attended a few lessons, I feel that I have benefitted greatly from GP tuition classes at Irwin’s Study! Classes are always interactive, engaging and thought-provoking. All in all, classes at Irwin’s Study bring about a different learning experience compared to JC classes. After attending some lessons, I am starting to understand the relevance of GP in perceiving the world around us. Mr Irwin’s warm and approachable nature also makes the class more enjoyable. I would recommend taking classes here if you have difficulty coping with the subject!”

– Daphne Ho, Temasek JC


“The tutor is a gregarious individual who has this amazing ability to be generous in his praise and gentle in his criticism, thus encouraging his students to share his passion for the subject he is teaching. His lessons are also highly engaging and interactive as he includes every single one of his students in the class discussion. The environment cultivated at Irwin’s Study thus enables one to make mistakes with grace and at the same time, mix fun along with effective learning.”

Tan Yi Lin, Dunman High (Integrated Programme)

“The lessons are engaging and get me interested to learn. The techniques in answering questions are discussed in depth and make it easier to answer all the different types of questions. The articles that are given out in class also greatly help in content-building for essay-writing. Overall, the lessons have shown that GP is not such a daunting subject after all!”

– Muhammad Hidayat bin Abdul Khalid, Yishun JC

“I enjoy going for classes at Irwin’s Study as the lessons are very enjoyable! Mr Irwin is very interactive and we are able to share our answers. This allows us to learn from one another’s mistakes as we undergo the process of mastering different skills which are important in GP. The tutor motivates his students and has made the studying of GP very fun.”

– Jolene Tan, St. Andrew’s JC


“Mr Irwin is an amazing person who has great passion and exuberance for teaching, an ironically rare trait in teachers nowadays. Even though my friends and I only got to know him for a few months, we learnt much more about GP than we ever did in school! More importantly, he made GP a lovable subject.”

– Nienyuan Cheng, Temasek JC


“What sets Irwin’s Study apart from most tuition centres is that the environment is conducive for learning – bright classrooms with proper furniture make learning a cosy and aesthetically pleasing experience. But Irwin’s Study’s true gem is its GP tutor whose engaging personality makes for highly stimulating lessons.”

– Shaun Ng, Private Candidate

“Mr Irwin conducted GP lessons in a very different style…No lengthy lecture notes or information overloads but instead we were taught the important skills that are essential to scoring the grades for GP. The tuition class really prepares you for scoring in the A-levels.”

– Timothy Yeo, Nanyang JC


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