2019 GCE A-Level General Paper (GP) Paper 1 Essay Questions

Our JC2 students have just completed their GP exams, and here are the essay questions that came out for Paper 1 this year. Which Question would you have chosen to answer? =)

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  1. How far should countries have relations with others whose human rights record is poor?
  2. To what extent should income equality be a goal in your society?
  3. ‘Science is the only answer to global hunger’. Discuss.
  4. Consider the view that social media has more influence than politicians.
  5. To what extent is artificial intelligence replacing the role of humans?
  6. ‘A leader’s responsibility should always be to his or her own country, not other nations.’ Discuss.
  7. ‘Religion is an important part of the lives of young people today.’ Consider whether this is true in your society.
  8. Does violence in the visual media portray reality or encourage the unacceptable?
  9. Is globalisation to be welcomed or feared today?
  10. Should both parents take equal responsibility for raising their children?
  11. Assess the importance of food within Singaporean culture.
  12. Can fiction teach us anything meaningful about the real world?
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2018 A-Level General Paper (GP) Essay Questions

Here are the Essay Questions for GP Paper 1. Have a look and see which ones you feel confident to answer!

  1. How far is failure an essential part of success?
  2. To what extent is the pursuit of continuous economic growth a desirable goal?
  3. In an age of rapid technological advancement, is a single career for life realistic?
  4. ‘In the global age we inhabit, there is no justification for national boundaries.’ How far do you agree?
  5. To what extent is sporting achievement given adequate recognition in your society?
  6. Do handicrafts still have value when machine-produced goods are so readily available?
  7. ‘People today do not work as hard as they did in the past.’ How true is this of your society?
  8. Discuss the view that all countries have an equal responsibility to counter terrorism.
  9. Is pressure a motivating force or a cause for unhappiness?
  10. ‘Works of art which have been removed from their country of origin should be returned.’ Discuss.
  11. ‘Foreign aid does not solve long-term problems.’ To what extent is this a fair viewpoint?
  12. Consider the view that we do not take enough responsibility for our own well-being.
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We have a New Home!

After moving across 5 different centres in the past 8 years, we finally have a place to call home! Our Bukit Timah centre will be shifting down from Level 3 to a sparking new unit at #B2-13. And to accommodate the growing number of student enquiries, we will also be opening a new Wed 5pm class starting from this week. Come visit us at our new centre soon!

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感恩: Our 2016 A-Level Results for General Paper (GP)

86.7%. That’s the amazing percentage of our students last year who scored a distinction for General Paper (GP) in the ‘A’-Level exams, which I am immensely grateful for, and humbled by. In the course of teaching these students over the last 2 years, I’ve witnessed some of them overcome very challenging family or health situations to excel in their studies, and it’s such a joy to see the fruit of their labour paying off. As I gave thanks to God for what can only be His grace in the lives of my students and on Irwin’s Study, He directed my heart to these verses in Genesis 39:2-4 –

“The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. And his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord made all he did to prosper in his hand. So Joseph found favor in his sight, and served him.”

May the hand of the Lord be ever upon the work that He has given me to do, that I may glorify Him in my teaching and my centre!

I dedicate these exam results of my students (and the many more that are not listed here) to You, Lord, for all good things come from You. Congratulations students on your hard work!

  • Celine Koh (Meridian JC) – A
  • Haikal (Pioneer JC) – A
  • Emmalene Ng (Raffles Institution) – A
  • Shayna Tong (Victoria JC) – A
  • Loh Yao Chen (Victoria JC) – B
  • Ibrahim (Tampines JC) – A
  • Cheang Kai Wen (Serangoon JC) – A
  • Charlotte Phang (Dunman High) – A
  • Nicholas Goh (Tampines JC) -A
  • Hazel Chen (Anderson JC) – B
  • Darren Woo (private candidate) – A
  • Shawn Lim (Victoria JC) – A
  • Shanice Lee (Temasek JC) – A
  • Janice Chan (Hwa Chong) – B
  • Cheryl Low (Victoria JC) – A
  • Chin Jun Jiang (Tampines JC) – A
  • Yany Chan (Raffles Institution) – A
  • Tammy Lee (Victoria JC) – A
  • And many more! =)

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Be Like Bill

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I was thinking of a Flea Market…

So, Irwin’s Study is moving / expanding to 2 new locations come 7 Dec 2015! Irwin’s Study was birthed at Tampines Street 43 some 6 years and 6 months ago, and moving out is always a little sentimental. As I packed up the place (and trust me, there’s a lot of things to pack after 6 years! =), I was wondering what I should do with the books, furniture, toys, decorations, maps, posters that have filled the centre with warmth and joy these past few years. So I thought of renting a booth at a local flea market, but as I searched online, I discovered that many flea markets these days do not allow people to sell pre-loved, secondhand items. =/ Then it struck me: why don’t I just use my existing centre as a pop-up flea market? So come this Sunday afternoon (6 Dec 2015), we will be holding our Moving-Out Sale! Here are the details:

Venue: Blk 474, Tampines Street 43, second floor above ‘Canadian Pizza’

Day: 6 Dec 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 2pm-6pm

Items on sale? Books (loads!), toys, chairs, bookshelves, stationery, posters, maps and many more!

So come along if you are free this Sunday afternoon and see what little treasures you can pick up 😉



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