2016 A-Level General Paper (GP) Exam Questions

Hot off the Press! Here are the GP Paper 1 Exam Questions for the GCE A-Level Exams this year. I will also be providing some of own thoughts, and insights in the following days. Stay tuned! =)

  1. ‘Any adaptation of a novel for a film, television or the theatre is never as effective as the original.’ Discuss.
  2. Assess the view that traditional buildings have no future in your society.
  3. ‘Longer life expectancy creates more problems than benefits.’ Discuss.
  4. Considering the money involved, should developing countries be allowed to host major sporting events?
  5. ‘Human need, rather than profit, should always be the main concern of scientific research.’ Discuss.
  6. ‘Countries experiencing conflict should be left to sort out their own problems.’ How far do you agree?
  7. How far has modern technology made it unnecessary for individuals to possess mathematical skills?
  8. ‘People who do the most worthwhile jobs rarely receive the best financial rewards.’ To what extent is this true of your society?
  9. Evaluate the claim that equality of opportunity for females is a desirable, but unrealistic, goal.
  10. Assess the view that most natural disasters are the result of human activity.
  11. Is competition always desirable?
  12. ‘Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone’s opinion is of equal value.’ What is your view?