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Here are the Paper 1 Essay Questions that came out this year: How realistic is it for countries to implement a minimum national wage for all their workers? ‘Fossil fuels should no longer have a part to play in the production of energy.’ Discuss. Consider the view that spending money on space travel cannot be justified in today’s world. Consider the argument that there should be no censorship of the...
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Our JC2 students have just completed their GP exams for this year, and here are the Essay Questions that came out for Paper 1. Have a look and see which question you would have chosen to answer!   Consider the view that people imprisoned for their crimes should lose all their rights.Does religion still have a role in the modern world?‘Dramas on television or film are never as effective as...
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Thanks for dropping by to find out more about our GP lessons. Here are answers to some questions that you may have regarding our GP classes: Q: Is there a difference between the Physical Classes & Online Classes? A: There is no difference at all! The lessons for both are exactly the same in terms of content and delivery. In fact, around 70% of our students have actually opted to...
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After 2 months of online lessons during Circuit Breaker, more than 80% of our students enjoy our online lessons as they find them to be as engaging and effective as our physical lessons! As we move forward, we will be offering BOTH physical and online lessons to cater to the needs of different students. Do check out our ‘Classes‘ page to see the updated class timings and contact us to...
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Our JC2 students have just completed their GP exams, and here are the essay questions that came out for Paper 1 this year. Which Question would you have chosen to answer? =) How reliable are statistics as a guide for planning the future? To what extent is human life in general about the survival of the fittest? ‘Individuals achieve sporting success, not nations.’ Discuss.  ‘We shape our buildings, but then...
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