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Meet the Tutor - Ms Joan

Ms Joan is an ex-MOE teacher who has more than 8 years of teaching experience. In addition to teaching English, she has also taught Literature and has been awarded the MOE Teaching Award. She is well-liked by parents and students for her patient dedication and her strength in teaching is through a step-by-step skills-based approach. This allows students to improve in their English language progressively and in a structured manner.

Hear what her students say

“You make lessons so much more understandable and enjoyable, and it’s been the only class that I can look forward to where I can learn amazing stuff with a relaxed mind! You’re a fun teacher with a unique personality, especially when you share your own experiences as a student. It’s been a pleasure to have a teacher like you, young and lively, who will understand how it’s like to be a student. Thank you for imparting your writing skills to us!”

“I would never forget the commitment and dedication you had given to your students. To be honest, you are one of the best teachers I have ever come across, and possibly the best one. Very few teachers would be willing to dedicate their entire time to helping students, and you have managed to maintain that for all these years. We would always complain about the extra work you put us through, but we couldn’t empathise that you had to do many times more of what we had to do. You never stopped helping us and giving your all. You are truly more than a teacher that we don’t deserve.” 

“You are truly my role model and someone who inspires me to do better and to stay positive. You really care for us from the bottom of your heart and always find a way to help us through difficult times. You really really go the extra mile to help us all improve. It is really nice to have a teacher like you, a teacher who doesn’t just provide words of encouragement but also go out of the way to do something to help us. I’ll always remember what you said about always trying our best and never giving up because in the end when you get your results, you’ll know that you have already tried your best. All your motivational words will never be forgotten and they’ll forever be a constant reminder to myself to press on.”

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