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Mr Irwin’s GP tuition lessons have benefitted me tremendously even though it was only for a short 5 months. The discussions about various controversial issues that we engage in almost every lesson challenged me to stretch and think critically about these issues and how they can be applied in the GP context. Mr Irwin’s tips and skills on Essay writing and Comprehension have helped me to be more focused in tackling certain questions in the respective papers. Lessons are always kept lively, interactive and refreshing!

Thank you Mr Irwin!

Merissa Boh
Raffles Institution

An amazing tutor, Mr Irwin is one who makes learning GP effective and enjoyable! He employs simple yet powerful methods which focus on fundamentals such as vocabulary and punctuation and through these methods, learning to improve my language has become much less of a chore.

Equipped with knowledge of diverse fields, Mr Irwin is able to competently answer any queries students pose to him – including those which are non-GP related. Additionally, content materials for his classes are not only up to date, but are also from a multitude of sources. As such, students are taught how to both widen their search for content, as well as effectively dissect and analyze it thereafter.

All in all, Mr Irwin has provided me with a wholesome and holistic learning experience, thereby enlightening me about the complex and diverse issues present in GP, including how they are interlinked and the relevance to which it is applied to our daily lives.

Thank you Mr Irwin!

Wilson Yeo
‘A’-Level Private Candidate

Dear Mr Irwin, thank you so much for the wonderful GP lessons the past year! I loved how your lessons explored different themes which sparked new thoughts and motivated me to discover more about issues raised in class. Learning became interesting and lessons were not mundane drilling with innumerable practices or homework. Your unique ways of teaching essay and comprehension techniques made applying them much easier. I’m very grateful for the fulfilling experience and hope more students will get to benefit from your GP tuition lessons the way I did

Goh Weiqin
Temasek JC

Mr Irwin’s passion and drive for teaching GP made me enjoy his lessons and also feel motivated to do better in the subject (and develop an interest for it, which was previously non-existent HAHAHA). Moreover, he goes the extra mile for his students when it comes to marking extra essays and comprehension exercises and provides comprehensive feedback. With his help as one of the driving factors for my success in GP, I’ve really enjoyed being in Irwin’s Study and I encourage anyone of y’all who need help in GP to join! Thank you Mr Irwin!

Bernadette Naguait
Catholic JC

Since the start of JC1, I’ve always been scoring below average in grades in GP and I never thought that I’d be able to score anything higher than a ‘C’ for GP. I always walked in the examination room bracing myself for the worst and left feeling hopeless.

However, after joining Mr Irwin’s classes, my perception of GP took a turn for the better. Mr Irwin taught us how to answer questions with techniques and fixed our mindset to that of the examiner’s. Moreover, he fed us full of useful and interest content that we can apply in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. He helped us understand how GP connected the different issues around the world and made it fun and enjoyable to learn.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence waking into an examination venue and understanding what the questions want using the tools that Mr Irwin blessed me with.

Thanks for making GP fun and interesting to learn, Mr Irwin! I’ll always be grateful for the newfound love for the subject that you’ve given to me! =)

Jonathan Umaibalan
Victoria JC

Are you looking for a GP tutor who can make learning GP fun & enjoyable for you? Or are you looking for a charismatic & inspiring teacher like the one in the photo? =) Get yourself a tutor who can do both – who is Mr Irwin!

Mr Irwin is a well-known tutor in SG with many years of teaching experience. His lessons are always very engaging & informative! Many of us view GP lessons to be ‘boring’ and constantly dread them, but Mr Irwin never fails to liven up the class atmosphere with his humour and cheerful personality =)

With his useful tips on how to improve my AQ skills and in-depth analysis of comprehension questions, I soon found myself more confident in answering GP questions!

Nicole Lim
Eunoia JC

Mr Irwin has lent a reassuring hand to my GP grades over the course of my JC life. Since joining Irwin’s Study right from the start of JC1, Mr Irwin exposed us to a wide range of topics and themes that are pertinent in our modern context, and this gave me an edge over my peers in terms of essay content and knowledge. But more than just feeding us information, what separates Irwin’s Study from other GP tuition is that Mr Irwin is more interested to help us understand world issues and sharpen our thinking. It takes time to change our thinking, but Mr Irwin is always willing to work closely with us, staying back after lessons to answer questions and discuss issues together. His motivation to teach is definitely inspiring and made me want to better myself to make him proud.

With a well-structure lesson plan revolving around skills and content, coupled with a deep understanding of pertinent events and issues and a seemingly unending flow of resources, Irwin’s Study is definitely a choice centre for improving your GP and analysis of current affairs, and I sure could not have achieved so much without Mr Irwin’s support and guidance. Thank you Mr Irwin!

Joel Lim
Eunoia JC

Ever since I started taking classes at Irwin’s Study, there has definitely been an improvement in my GP. Now, not only do I write more confidently, but people around me have also said that I sound more confident when I speak.

Every lesson, I am learning new skills and content. Mr Irwin’s teaching style enables us to practise and strengthen our skills, making GP lessons even more effective. Most importantly, his lessons are easy to follow and understand, which I feel, is a big factor that makes his lessons great.

So…Thank you Mr Irwin for being such a patient and charismatic tutor! Your wonderful lessons have made me stop dreading GP lessons in school!

Florence Lim
Hwa Chong Institution

So about a month ago, I started taking classes at Irwin’s Study because I was struggling for GP. However, ever since I started lessons with Mr Irwin, I have become more confident in my answers and every lesson, I am learning new content and skills that are really helpful. Moreover, Mr Irwin has interesting methods of teaching to ensure that you do not lose focus during class and that you are able to take away the learning points that you are meant to take away for the day. He also ensures that in one lesson, both Paper 1 and Paper 2 skills are attended to and practiced. So just in 1 month, he has made such an impact. Simply, his lessons are not a dread and something you will actually enjoy and look forward to. Lastly, his happy nature, with him smiling while teaching doesn’t make me resist from being shy to ask questions. Irwin’s Study is the word! Thank you Mr Irwin!

Charanpal Singh
Yishun Innova JC

5 months ago, I hated GP. It was the one subject that even if I prepared for, I would still fail tragically. GP lessons in school bored me to the core…However, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find that GP lessons could actually be so enjoyable and fulfilling, as what GP lessons at Irwin’s Study are.

Every lesson with Mr Irwin See was priceless. He filled me with nuggets of knowledge, words of wisdom and instilled good character in all of us. I can sense his passion in the way he teaches and the way he interacts with the class makes every one of his students feel important. Mr Irwin overflows with charisma and gusto, and it is needless to say, I feel extremely inspired by his dedication and excitement to impart knowledge.

Thanks to Mr Irwin, I now have a direction to move forward with. I know how to start preparing, how to start studying and how to start practicing. So thank you so much, Mr Irwin for your guidance, patience and enthusiasm. I look forward to many more exciting and fun-filled classroom discussions!

Vera Lee
Eunoia JC

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