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We are thankful for this article that was published on TODAY on 25 April 2017 on our General Paper (GP) tuition classes. =) Here’s the full article: At Irwin’s Study, students get tuition and mentorship from an Oxford University graduate. Mr Irwin See, 37, has been giving General Paper (GP) tuition for the past eight years. His students say that his passion and optimism are infectious, as is the way...
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We are delighted and encouraged that 86.3% of our JC2 students last year scored an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade for the 2016 A-Level General Paper (GP) Exam! Ever thankful that Irwin’s Study holds space for our students not only to explore the deep issues of life and society, but also to be equipped to score very well for the exams. =) Sharing a few of our appreciative students’s whatsapp messages...
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Hot off the Press! Here are the GP Paper 1 Exam Questions for the GCE A-Level Exams this year. I will also be providing some of own thoughts, and insights in the following days. Stay tuned! =) ‘Any adaptation of a novel for a film, television or the theatre is never as effective as the original.’ Discuss. Assess the view that traditional buildings have no future in your society. ‘Longer...
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Here are the General Paper (GP) Essay Questions for the Nov 2017 GCE A-Levels exams. Some expected questions and some interesting ones! =) ‘The past is not dead. It is not even past.’ Discuss. Can the use of animals for scientific research ever be justified? In your society, to what extent is it acceptable for public money to be used for the acquisition of works of art? ‘Rehabilitation, not punishment,...
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This year’s National Day is a special one for Irwin’s Study as we were interviewed by 8 Days & i-Weekly on our views of how to use General Paper (GP) to get 18-year-old students interested in Singapore issues. Check out our interviews in English and Mandarin below! =)  
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