Is there a difference between Online Classes & Physical Classes, & Other Questions Answered

Thanks for dropping by to find out more about our GP lessons. Here are answers to some questions that you may have regarding our GP classes:

Q: Is there a difference between the Physical Classes & Online Classes?

A: There is no difference at all! The lessons for both are exactly the same in terms of content and delivery. In fact, around 70% of our students have actually opted to join our Online Classes as they find them equally engaging and effective! Here are what some of them say: 

“Online lessons were equally as effective and enjoyable as physical lessons as Mr Irwin managed to make the online lessons interactive, such as by asking us for our opinions on issues that we were discussing. The PowerPoint presentations were well-designed and acted as a useful teaching aid!” 

“I think online lessons are equally effective as physical lessons and online lessons are really convenient for students as we do not need to travel.” 

“Online Lessons and Physical Lessons are both effective as Mr Irwin never fails to allocate his time in a systematic order such that every student is able to learn as much content as possible in the lesson.”

Q: Are Online Classes conducted live?

A: Yes! They are conducted live and are not pre-recorded, so students can interact with the tutor and ask questions anytime during the Online Classes. They can also stay back after the lesson to seek individual clarification if needed.

Q: Will students get feedback on their homework?

A: Certainly. Students don’t have to wait till work is assigned to hand up work to be marked; essays and comprehension practices can be submitted anytime and they will be marked and returned to students with feedback for improvement.

Q: Can students get individual attention in a class setting?

A: In our classes, students do feel that they are able to get personal attention as we constantly engage them during lessons. At the same time, students can ask questions anytime during lessons or stay back after lessons to clarify any doubts they may have.

Q: Does Mr Irwin teach all the GP classes personally?

A: Yes he does =) All GP classes, whether Online or Physical, are taught personally by Mr Irwin.