Singapore Cancer Society’s ‘Help the Children and Youth Programme’

In 2014, our Managing Director was invited by the CEO of Singapore Cancer Society to chair the Advisory Committee for ‘Help the Chair and Youth Programme’. Here’s a short write-up of what the programme is about and how you can spread the word to those who could benefit from knowledge of what SCS does.

The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Help the Children and Youth Programme aims to help children and youths whose lives have been affected by cancer. The programme assists children and youth who may be cancer patients themselves or whose parents are cancer patients or SCS beneficiaries. This programme engages these children and youth in the following ways:
– Annual Book Prize Presentation
– Youth Camp and Youth Engagements
– Family Engagement
– Tuition Programme
– Education Financial Assistance Scheme

​The financial assistance and free tuition services help to defray education expenses and ease the burden on families whose finances have been heavily tapped for cancer treatments. Group intervention workshops are also organised to provide psycho-social support to these children and youths who are often confronted with a range of emotions such as fear, depression, guilt, or anger when coping with cancer or a sick parent.

For more information, please visit this website or contact SCS at

Meeting our Prime Minister at Singapore Cancer Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations (16 Jan 2015)